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Sliding Scale Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Children in Sacramento, CA

Internships at Holistic Family Services

As an intern or trainee at Holistic Family Services, you will have an opportunity to develop your skills and receive advanced training while working toward licensure.  At Holistic Family Services Interns and Trainee's are volunteers, and receive supervision, training, and experience in return for their services.  We provide sliding scale based services to our clients, and it is our goal that each therapist intern/trainee see at least 10 clients per week to abide by all BBS licensing requirements and ethical/legal requirements.  

Holistic Family Services is dedicated to preparing interns and trainees to move into private practice.  Interns and trainees must feel ready and be motivated to market Holistic Family Services and themselves in order to build a sustainable practice.  Marketing includes networking, speaking, and self-promotion.  Interns and trainees are also strongly encouraged to participate in community meetings and other community service duties.  

Holistic Family Services currently has one location in Midtown Sacramento.  Referrals can be made from surrounding areas.  

If you are interested in joining the team at Holistic Family Services, please send a cover letter and resume to majicaphillips@holisticfamilyservices.com.  You will be contacted regarding the current availability of openings.  

Holistic Family Services is an equal opportunities employer.

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